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free love poems

free love poems

The night

When the night comes
There is no light only silent darkness,
The alcove is not empty not sad
The Moon is the light that accompanies
Between open curtains and candles
The breeze of the night gets into the slits;
Two naked people lying on the mat
With the silence a whisper and a caress
I travel every vibrant space of your body
Crossing reserved each line and each form
Of my body.

Traveling placido and soft for my physiognomy
Reaching mischievous my breasts
What are silk more fine it between your hands,
My hands are a rough sea
Touring atlas of your body
Me full of your scent of febrile,
And I excitas every touch of your lips,
The freedom of your hands surrounding my skin of MOSS
Me full of your violent and sweet sweat
My lips exploring each line of your being
We are man and woman making love.

Between faltering groans, caresses and whispers
Me vuelves yours part of your skin
Me vuelves madly in love
I socavas with your body of peasants
I lay with passion deorbited in you
In beating sway of your body.

You you surrender to me in total full of yourself
I am completely yours delivered to my emotions
I go through it without rest, Kiss me me enloqueces
Your lips are deep, so inside of me
In the moisture of my sex with your lips
You tend me in your extension
And you walk into me once more warm and majestoso
Llenadote of you and your virility part of me,

At the opening of my legs you you months throbbing
In this panting sway that excited my sense
And we are echoed in the blackness of the night and the Moon
While we are oscillating music of the sweetest orgasm,
That it rocks in senses beyond us the bowels
Us it hypnotizes the heart;
Us dumps in Idyll of the alienator pleasure
And courtier is subtle delirium that unites us,
Which bolt burning fire beyond us the body
And mark us the soul.

free love poems